Light Tree Project

Think green

Nature nurtures life, and we are blessed with its gifts. That is why we must respect and cherish it as we make use of it. In this highly systematic modern life, focus a while on the rhythm of nature which “nurtures and is nurtured”. Feel the aspiration of earth, and change can be brought forth.

Light tree project

As I was walking through town and looked up at a tree, I had flashbacks of my childhood of when I used to climb and hug trees, and play. Back then, trees were something you could find anywhere, and was a familiar and friendly presence. But as urban-development went on, there became less and less green. When I saw a tree that was silently standing amongst the shades of high rise buildings, and was beginning to become forgotten… I felt an urge to put a spotlight on the trees and flowers that blossom on the roadside, so that everyone can be reminded of the strength and importance of nature. I launched this project with that feeling.

Precious life co-exists with human. It’s a challenge to bring in new life to trees which are “a living thing”. By using art on a “Tree” which you can find among housing, parks, schools and all over town, which lets us feel nature in our life, a common daily scene around us turns into “A New World”. So let the Light Tree Project “Magic by Light” begin.

Msaru Ozaki